Research and Technology

One of our company’s peculiarity is the research for innovative products, each different request is a new challenge to our Lab. We keep on doing research by selecting fibers and/or mix of fibers, verifying its characteristics and functionality, this is an exclusive service we offer to customers willing to invest on the development of new products. The extensive technological knowledge used by Filartex Lab has as added value the human touch behind the work. The best performances were achieved with integrations and changing on the settings, Filartex Lab’s engineering is an excellent example of versatility.

We are able to offer, thanks to all our research, an exclusive service to companies who wish to invest on the development of innovative products.


As a support for the University of Bergamo, Filartex gives a chance to the textiles students to experience the industrial context, for Logistics and Textile Technology subjects. Both parties benefit from this synergic relation between Academy and Industry. Filartex tutored many Textiles Engineering students from the Università degli Studi di Bergamo.